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The EU Socrates Erasmus Curriculum Development 'IMM - Online International Master in Multimedia' supports the curriculum development of the Master programme through the partnership:

e-Collegium Foundation, Hungary
JME Assoc, UK
Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Mimoza Communications, Budapest, Hungary
Politehnica University of Timisoara
St. Polten University, St. Polten, Austria
Szent Istvan University, Godollo, Hungary
Universite de Nice-Sophia antipolis, France (IUT de Nice Cote d'Azur)

The last ten years have been a time of massive turbulence in the world of ICT. Increasingly, major ICT companies are international, rather than national, players. At the same time, skills in information technology and multimedia have become a key factor in the development of society, especially in the context of globalization and European structures building, having a direct impact in the implementation of the e-government concept and the Lisabona Action. The rapid developments in Internet, multimedia, satellite broadcasting technologies, digital audio, digital video, mobile telephony and television are a challenge today for ensuring that enough workers with the necessary skills are available to meet the needs of the industry.
A research has shown that there is a strong need at local, national and European level for training in multimedia (as a plus the partners have strong links with companies from the Technology Park of Sophia-Antipolis, Nice and from the newly established Technology Park in Timisoara). Information and communication technologies (ICT) are pivotal tools for advancing EU prosperity. In this context, the emergence of the knowledge economy is causing a structural change in skills requirements toward ICT.

The project addresses the need for education in the area of multimedia. Graduates with a multimedia degree are in demand both as employees of large companies and as self-employed consultants on a freelance basis. The target group of the new study program is based on recent graduates with a first degree in technologies and media, as well as people working in connected environments, which do not allow for periods of education outside the company. This is why, the use of new educational technologies such as on-line learning over the Internet and distance education have been taken into consideration.
The main outcome of our project - the Master of Science - even if it is mainly designed by Phare countries universities due to its delivery method - on-line - it is a joint program which addresses an international audience. It will bring the education systems from Phare countries into Europe and beyond.
A wide range of ODL actors from EU and CEE countries, represented by two of their international networks would focus on developing an innovative approach for enhancing international e-learning course development and delivery with the respect of the Bologna Process.

to develop a new study program at Master level in the area of multimedia delivered using ODL technology, that can be applied and adapted by all the countries, ensuring the same level of skills all over Europe.

Aims of the project
  • to improve the quality of education in multimedia by international co-operation and by new methodological approach to learning. The project does not intend simply to develop some courses in the area of multimedia; it will also develop new methodology based on modern techniques of education such as open and distance learning (ODL) and interactive learning. We intend to develop a course skeleton that will unify all courses developed by all the partners in the project framework.
  • to develop course modules delivered through ODL, in different topics (communication, digital technologies, television, interactive multimedia, Internet, E-commerce, E-business, etc.) in a structured curricula.
  • provision of the International Master in Multimedia in one specific, e-learning platform for all countries.
  • to evaluate, foresee accreditation of the Master by national quality assurance agencies and through the European Network of Quality Assurance (ENQA).
  • awareness rising for ODL as the most effective, innovative and flexible methodology for supporting the European dimension of Life-Long Learning.

The Master in Multimedia is the first of its kind to be accredited, certified by a National awarding body, available across Europe and delivered though Internet, and it will provide the basis for an evolutionary change in ICT education across Europe. Another important strand is an ongoing effort to attract more people, especially women and people with disabilities, into developing ICT skills.

The course will be delivered using open and distance learning methodologies using the on line platform to COEDU. An easy to use e-learning material editor client application will be used for the planning of courses as well as the preparation and testing of courses.

WP1 - Academic coordination
WP2 - Curricula development
WP3 - e-learning system design and implementation
WP4 - Piloting/Testing the curricula
WP5 - Quality management and dissemination
WP6 - Management of the project
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