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The Online International MSc in Multimedia course allows professionals to upgrade their knowledge and expertise in the new field of multimedia. The course is designed for professionals with a technical focus who wish to learn more about multimedia technologies and applications.


Aims and Objectives

The Online International Master of Science in Multimedia (IMM) programme aims to develops students' understanding and appreciation of a variety of issues relevant to multimedia, design and effective communication and project management. Included in this programme is a series of courses concentrating on the web, web design, business communications and computer graphics. The variety of courses, and the opportunity to combine the multimedia stream with a selection of other course streams, allows students to improve their career prospects in a number of multimedia areas and applications.

The aims are:

  • to give an understanding of the information processing technologies used in multimedia systems, together with the software development skills necessary for their implementation;
  • to train students on the use of the instruments;
  • to give a foundation in professional standards of software development: analysis, design, implementation, testing and documentation in digital multimedia systems;
  • to update knowledge on the current state and future directions of technological advances in the use of networks for multimedia applications;
  • to provide experience in both team working and individual working as means of systems development;
  • to develop the individual's awareness and critical approach to the new media and to encourage creativity;
  • to inculcate an appreciation of the professional, ethical and legal obligations of a multimedia specialist.

Graduates will be able to develop state-of-the-art presentations and will develop an understanding of the underlying technology supporting multimedia and internet computing and its theoretical underpinning. In particular, graduates will be able to identify applications for which multimedia products and systems are suited, apply commonly used tools and techniques to develop a multimedia product and participate in its design and evaluation. They will have developed attitudes that enable them to take on the professional responsibilities of a multimedia system developer and to participate effectively as members of a multimedia system development team.


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